On August 8 2017, APMA achieved another successful milestone as APMA presented CLAN President Dr Armstrong with a cheque of $27,000 as a donation on behalf of APMA and Pakistani community. This donation will indeed go a long way in bringing positive change of lives of those in need in Pakistan.

The credit goes to the members of APMA and all the people who have supported APMA. It is not possible without your support. Your support means a lot to us. Together we can achieve so much more and bring positive change!
Please join the APMA team in celebrating this achievement! 
The receipts of the donations for those who donated will be emailed to you directly. 
Thank you all
Dr Irfan Noor
Secretary General APMA 
on behalf of Dr Imran Kassam, President APMA and the rest of APMA team!

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